Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Settling In"

Rebi Anne and Charlie swimming at Nana & G'pa Ricks :)
with Grammy and Nana at the new lake house in WA
Mclemore family on the 4th of July. Our 1st boat ride as a fam :)

I just had to put this on - Thomas LOVES the Mickey Mouse he has been introduced to since being in the states. He now takes the disney characters he has and lines them up in front of the TV when he watches!!! hilarious - we have NO idea where this comes from. He'll organize us for life :)

Oliver with all the babies in AL

Life in these United States...
So while we are here I continually remind myself of Psalm 73
Yet I am always with you, I hold you by my right hand, I guide you with my counsel and afterward I will take you into glory. Who have I in heaven but you and earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever....but as for me it is good to be near God.
Oliver and I have looked at each other countless times and said "what are we doing here"? We are thrilled to be with family and to meet new friends, see old friends. But there is something missing for us - a hole for us. We miss our Hungary - the one filled with culture & old friends, the small adventures of going to the store and looking up words to make sure we know how to communicate. We are still getting use to understanding everyone, all the time. Many people ask us "so, what are you doing here?"...and of course I want to say "I don't know!" But the answer is said above in those Scriptures - we're here to live for Christ and do what pleases Him. For those wondering what we are doing...Oliver is working for his dad & uncle at the farm and will begin subbing at the end of this month. I am still trying to help the kids adjust - trying to keep up with them as they become more and more mobile. We're trying to laugh and not cry. We're having a great time here but like I said, we're still adjusting to the culture & even being married in the states. We take it a day at a time as our heart longs to be "home". But again as the Scripture reminds me "home" is not here and I'll never find it here on earth. It is the longing that I have in my heart that needs to remind me of the "home" that comes when I no longer live. When I get to rejoice with my Savior in Heaven.
Anyway, thank you all for praying. If you remember, please continue to pray :) We do have new numbers now so email us at if you haven't received them yet!!! We'd love to hear from you :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodbye Hungary, Hello USA

precious graduate student whose parent couldn't make it so he acknowledged our committment to the students in the middle of graduation with a rose. words could not describe what that meant to us.

Marie trying to hold all kids...we miss her already!

our precious friends the Olsens on our last walk with our babies together. we miss them!

After 6 1/2 years we are moving back to the states. Sadness lingers when I think of leaving this country that has given us so much. I came single and now am living with the most amazing hubby and three babies. I feel overwhelmingly blessed by our experience we've had. We've made lasting friendships that I am beyond sad of leaving and I am so thankul for. We've journeyed through life together and I'm truly grateful for the times we've spent together. I'm also missing the peope of Hungary, the way they love on my children and help me out in many ways. Even the old women on the streets know us, talk to us and try to help me move the children from one place to another (which yes it is funny to watch!).

Yet this is a bittersweet time for us because now I am sitting in my parents house, visiting and enjoying seeing our family and friends in the states again. It is just precious to see everyone.

Honestly the thing that I am most sad about is not having a place to call "home" for me or my family for a while. We are lingering as we search for a job, a purpose, a new ministry. We try to get rid of expectations and just listen to what/where the Lord wants us to go. For now we are headed to live in Alabama for a variety of reasons, but mostly we want Oliver's family to know us and our children better. Many people have asked me how I'm going to survive this Southern culture change, but really no matter where we move its going to be a big change in culture.

The many people that have prayed, given financially (which we still need support till August!:) and chosen to keep/give friendships we are forever thankful.
our amazing friends in budapest dropping us off...11 bags, 5 carry ons, 1 car seat, 1 stroller....3 cars dropped us off...many tears as we left

dad met us as we had a sweet reunion - and yes all our stuff arrived!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Weekend!

We have been gearing up for this past weekend. I found it ironic that the Lord kept giving me verses about not pleasing others only Him and to trust Him in all times not just the good ones. I say this because it potentially could have been full of stress...heres why. First off, Oliver got the opportunity to go to Poland for one last trip to see Aushwitz. Obviously because he was gone, this would already make the weekend a little bit more stressful with just me and the three kiddos...but then we also planned to sell most of our possessions that weekend. I know, great timing. But the Lord provided through people and just giving us time and I can almost say I enjoyed the weekend....:) Here are a few things we've been doing in May - some of them our last time to do the in Budapest. So sad....

There's nothing like the Budapest we not only fed the ducks and petted the goats...but the giraffes came out to play too! hilarious.

One of our students Anna, also has twin brothers. She volunteered to come and help hold babies as I sorted through things. So cute. and so kind.

Happy Mother's Day!!! We are blessed to have great mothers for sure. That day Oliver and some friends made it very special by making me dinner, trying to let me sleep in (a little hard with 3 babies) and making me yummy desserts! I felt very spoiled.

Here is Marie and Beth (Marie lives with us and Beth I disciple). We have them our graduation gifts early by going downtown Budapest, getting make up done and going to dinner. It was a great day of fun :)

Oliver got his "farewell" vacation for one night of camping with the guys. They had a great time!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its Spring - yeah!

My sister sent me this...its old photos of my dad. Its hilarious and maybe looks a little like our youngest...

Like Father like son


Rebi Anne

Sweet babies enjoying the ball game ;)

We were able to go to an Hungarian baseball game to watch...

so fun to watch the game and our friend took these photos. Its the same type of league that I use to coach softball in here. They re getting better, its great to watch. The kids are growing like weeds. Rebs and Charlie are moving around...not crawling but longing to as they watch their brother :) Thomas is running like mad. Its good excercise for me to keep up with him! We're still planning on moving in 6 weeks now. Oliver and I are packing up stuff this weekend - so weird. Then we have a garage sale the week after that. Its just a reminder that the things on this earth are temporary...can't wait though to eat a good ol' American hamburger! Its been too long :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yes, Finally another one!!!

Mama and her babies in front of Hero's Square
Thomas in front of St. Istvan - beautiful!
Mama and her little girl downtown Budapest Coffee Shop

Thomas forcing food in - so tired!
Smiley Babies :)

Hello Everyone :) I know its been a while but life has been changing for us but I'll catch you up...

We have decided after moving here to teach, meeting here, marrying and having children all in Budapest...we are going to move back to the states. Both Oliver and I are at peace but I admit that I am anxious, nervous and a bit overwhelmed by picking up and moving our family to a place we've never lived together. But Praise God He is always with us and that He has in all in control. We love ICSB and have absolutely loved being missionaries as teachers in Budapest. The Lord has really blessed us with great friends, opportunities and adventures here....and now we are off to the unknown in the US. Yet, I am excited to live nearer to family and to friends. I am thankful for a new place and for a new adventure. Thank you all for your love and prayers. We continue to ask for help via prayer and finances as we move back.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are family! :)

Growing babies
Oliver got bit by a dog - stitches - yuck! poor guy

Grammy and the twins

new friends this year - meet to pray and to have fun! :)

Thomas and his snowman

This month a variety of things have happened...
1. Grammy came! My mom's mom came to visit - held babies, played with babies, ironed, cleaned - she has been so fun to have here and so very helpful!!!!
2. Marie's first basketball tournament - they won all three games - yeah Marie!!!
3. Marie's Senior Auction - she worked hard and made lots of money
4. Our friends are back and we're thrilled for the Olsens that have returned :)
5. Oliver got bit as you see above - we had to run to the hospital in the middle of the night - what an experience.
Thank you all for your prayers. Sorry this is a short one but I gotta run after a kid :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland...or something like that...

Oliver loved playing bball with the alumni and current students over the break.
Grandpa Rick came to help out too!

Samantha came and helped for a week! (yes, her mom came too!)

The kids on Christmas!

Santa Dad and the kids!
December and now January have brought more sleep, more time together and more work! Oliver was very busy in December with school - with reviewing for finals, finals, grading and then doing support work at home. We were able to go to our staff Christmas party (bringing along the twins!) and even went out on a few date nights in the last few months! Its been great to see the alumni coming back and spending some time with them over the Christmas break. We're so thankful the ICSB alumni make a difference around the world when they are done...for better or worse...but its always great to hear/talk with them after they are out in the "real" world. Please continue to pray for them. One of our students died this past month and it reminds us of the importance of time. We loved him dearly and I know his family would appreciate your prayers. I held my kids close after hearing this.

The twins are growing like weeds - Rebi is slowly getting bigger but Charlie has just gotten bigger and bigger! Their personalities are starting to form - Rebi very social and Charlie much more like his father, enjoying the people but getting much more sleep/rejuvanted from being alone. Thomas continues to amaze us with his funny things he does and things he's learning. Right now he loves to dance, laugh and play with his new slinky. We all enjoyed the snow and tried to find a Santa to take photos with but apparently he "leaves" Budapest to the North pole on the 21st so we missed him, SO daddy got to "sit" in as Santa instead :).

We've been praying for direction and help at home while Oliver is gone at school and other thigns. God is answering our prayers little by little. There have been MANY of days where I ask the Lord, really beg the Lord, for somebody to stop by to hold a child, play with Thomas, etc and honestly He has sent somebody to help every time. AMAZING. We are very thankful for your prayers while our family has adjusted to our immediate growth with two more.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and will enjoy this great new year. Wow, I can't believe its 2010!