Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree!

We bought a Christmas tree to decorate and had so much fun! Robin being from China has never decorated a tree before. Plus it was also Thomas' first Christmas tree. It was a a bargain as we got it for only $10! :) By the end, Thomas was a sleep in Oliver's arms and Robin and I finished decorating to Christmas music. It was so fun. This is finals week so Oliver and Robin are studying (or making test). Thomas and I are doing, well...eating, sleeping, playing, etc....and we're waiting for Thursday to go see our family!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun Month of December!

This has been a very fun month. Thomas is much more interactive - smiling, kicking and being awake much more. It is great to be a mother and father...especially when you get to sleep more (he is sleeping 4-6 hours straight at night!). Also this month Oliver was asked to ref at an Hungarian outreach basketball/soccer tournament. He had a great time and was even able to watch a game of some of the best Hungarian soccer players from the 90s. Thomas and I went for a few hours and Thomas loved watching (I don't know if he was watching the game or daddy). He wouldn't even eat until the game was done. Of course Oliver is hoping that means he is going to be a bball player...but we'll see! Also we went to Campona, a local mall, and had so much fun with it being decorated and so Christmasy! We also put up a Christmas tree (sorry Bec, its was only 2000 huf at Tesco!). Oliver is now about to hit finals week and then we are off to the states for a short trip back for Thomas to meet his family-yeah!
Mama and me chillin' at home
Going to church in my preppy outfit (thanks Nana!)
Hanging with Daddy during his break at the tournament

Some of the kids playing at the tournament
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