Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School's Starts

Yes, this is a photo of a Hungarian golf cart...it picks up all the balls we hit at the local golfing range. Seriously, we love it! So far, soccer has lost one and tied one, but Oliver continues to build good relationships with the boys that are playing. We are planning for the High school retreat and for the Middle School Missions Trip. Please pray!!! We also have new photos up, I know finally! They are of family and some students in a middle school study hall. Kymber Jennings is visiting and we have enjoyed Pam's brother visiting as well. Hungary is good, not too hot, not too cold. We are still in our apartment and enjoying the view of the dog castle (we live on Kutyavari which means "dog castle", what is a dog castle...who really knows...). Pam's 11th grade Bible study started last week and went well. They came over for some homemade pizza and we were able to visit about how God is at work and just where the girls are at. Oliver is also starting a new High school men's Bible study. Please pray as this starts up. We have been watching students as parents fly and go places. Its been good for us to be "mom and dad" but its also good to be home now. Praise God for you all and thank you for your faithfulness and love to us.
Happy September!
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