Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Weekend!

We have been gearing up for this past weekend. I found it ironic that the Lord kept giving me verses about not pleasing others only Him and to trust Him in all times not just the good ones. I say this because it potentially could have been full of stress...heres why. First off, Oliver got the opportunity to go to Poland for one last trip to see Aushwitz. Obviously because he was gone, this would already make the weekend a little bit more stressful with just me and the three kiddos...but then we also planned to sell most of our possessions that weekend. I know, great timing. But the Lord provided through people and just giving us time and I can almost say I enjoyed the weekend....:) Here are a few things we've been doing in May - some of them our last time to do the in Budapest. So sad....

There's nothing like the Budapest we not only fed the ducks and petted the goats...but the giraffes came out to play too! hilarious.

One of our students Anna, also has twin brothers. She volunteered to come and help hold babies as I sorted through things. So cute. and so kind.

Happy Mother's Day!!! We are blessed to have great mothers for sure. That day Oliver and some friends made it very special by making me dinner, trying to let me sleep in (a little hard with 3 babies) and making me yummy desserts! I felt very spoiled.

Here is Marie and Beth (Marie lives with us and Beth I disciple). We have them our graduation gifts early by going downtown Budapest, getting make up done and going to dinner. It was a great day of fun :)

Oliver got his "farewell" vacation for one night of camping with the guys. They had a great time!