Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First 2 weeks of school..

It has been a blessing to be back again in Budapest at ICSB. The students gave us warm welcomes and were very excited to call Miss Honsowetz...Mrs McLemore now! :) Our classes were greatly taken care of which we are thankful for, but the students for once seemed to be happy to see us. Pamela is still teaching her subjects of Christian Studies 6th-9th grade and World Problems with the 12th grade. Oliver is continueing to teach 10th and 11th grade History and running the high school English Language Learner program. We are quite tired now but very happy to be back. Oliver had his first basketball game (he coaches the HS varsity team), which they lost...but made a large come-back in the end, just not large enough. Bummer. Pamela already has had a meeting about softball this next season, and Lord willing, there are a group of girls playing American University softball that want to come over and teach our girls for a few weeks - yes! Pamela is now sick with a fever and headcold, but other than that things are going very well. Thank you for your continued prayer and patience with us as we adjust/transitioning not only into married life but also into the Hungarian culture again. We will have a newsletter out by the end of this month! :)
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Oliver's 25th Birthday!!!!

Oliver celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday, the 5th of January! We had many celebrations with friends and family. In the picture you see him with the gift from Pam of a pocket watch. He also received many fun presents from our families to make it a very special day. Thank you!!! We were also able to go and see Van Gogh at the art museum in downtown Budapest. It was so fun to have Whittington and the Whites over to celebrate the night of Uncle Ollie's (as Samantha calls him) birthday. All of the Honsowetz side also celebrated Baby Elayna's birthday. You can check our the picasa/google website for our special song (the website is listed below).
We are doing well. Pamela is now at work trying to get things put together for school starting Monday and Oliver is out with one of his high school students, Robert. Robert and Oliver get together about once every two weeks or so to chat about Robert's life. He is a missionary kid in 12th grade this year. He is also in Pam's World Problems/Economics class. He is just so fun and we count it a blessing to have him in Oliver's life. Pray for Oliver as they meet that God will give him wisdom and strength as he meets with and builds relationship more with Robert. Pray for Robert as he is trying to figure out what to do when he is done here at ICSB. Many of our students go back to the states, but do not necessarily feel "at home" even though their citizenship is in the states. They have lived overseas so long they feel "home" truly is where the heart is, since no place necessarily feels "right like home". What a great blessing to work with these students and to learn more and more of how God is creative and loving. Thanks for you prayers and connection with us.
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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Rick and Patty (Pam's parents)...wow!

They planned the wedding reception of our dreams!!!

Oliver's (now Pams too:) family at the wedding

Wedding Reception

Our wedding party!!!

Our wedding party was great! We are so thankful for the many friends and family that came out on November 25th to good ol' Moses Lake. We miss you terribly now but we are thankful for the memories that we will cherish!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wedding website photos...

Check out our wedding photos at...


New Photo Site!

check out our new photos and "life" at...


Alabama Reception

Traveling the world in 40 days...the Alabama reception was BEAUTIFUL and fun! It was great for Pamela to meet again all the Alabama folk and for Oliver to see everyone again. It was a great celebration put on by Oliver's parents Tom and Sadler. Pam's parents were there and everything! What a great time for us all! You can look at the pictures of the reception at the above website. Thanks for such a great time in the states. You are so generous and kind to us.
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