Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

The boys playing the Annual ICSB Thanksgiving football!

Not quite for Hungary they already had their "thanksgiving", but for us Americans we were able to enjoy a feast together to celebrate our heritage. We had some parents invite us over to gather for turkey, potatoes and pumpkin pie (the pumpkin of course sent from US). It's funny, in order to get the turkey, they have a guy from church take orders, then on a random night a man in a truck meets us at the school to hand out the turkeys. Different, but hey, we get turkey and that is wonderful! This is also our anniversary weekend, so we celebrate watching Alabama and Auburn playing (on a friend's tv, they are having anyone basically from the South over). But seriously though, tonight we are celebrating with Iguanas (our favorite, and the only, Mexican place in Budapest), watching our wedding DVD (Oliver can't wait for that one:), and eating our frozen wedding cake, compliments to Mom and David and Cosette. Oliver's bible study is going well with the 4 boys from high school and Pam's morning Bible study with the junior girls is also going very well. Please continue to pray for those times. We are also heading to the states for 2 weeks in about a month or so. It'll be the first Honsowetz Christmas celebrated together on the day of Christmas in 7 years so we are very excited. We will also be at Bibb's wedding (Oliver's cousin) for New Year's Eve. God is amazing to provide opportunities for us to continue relationships in the states. Thanks for your prayers!
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Public in Hungary

(Photo: Samantha, David and Norah - on her first public ride)Today we went into town on public (we admit only to please the girls and after taking cars some of the way). Hungarian public has not always been, well, lets just say the most up to date. Our tram system has been around since 1887 but we are now getting our 4th metro line. Public is a great way to get around the city, especially once you are in Budapest (there is one bus you can take from Diosd to Budapest, talk to Rick about how to get onto it at the Diosd MOL station if you get a chance, funny story). It is also a great way to get to know the culture. The trams/buses and metros are often quiet (not as much with the youngsters of today but with our generation and older) because of the Communist era where a person just did not want to say too much in public. We'd love to have you come and ride public with us someday, its usually a fun adventure.
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