Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's snowed by...brief update

**This has been Thomas this month - I have to bundle him all up or else the old women really glare! :) I feel like he is the little brother in the movie The Christmas Story **
Ok, I know corny joke. But seriously the month of Feb just came and left, can't believe it. Pretty much Pam and Thomas have been indoors because of the winter that will never end and Oliver has been hard at work trying to do all the documentation for the ICSB accredidation that is coming up in a few weeks. Everything is due this next week, please pray for him to get it done :) This month Robin's parents came back, they were traveling back in China for a while. He was thrilled to see them again. He still stays here Monday - Friday and then goes home to his parents on the weekends. He loves playing with Thomas and of course Thomas just cannot get enough of him. The senior girls Bible study is going well. Because of the busy season only 3 girls have been coming, but with that its been a blessing because of the more intimate conversation we're able to have. MKs moving back to the states is a big transition - not just with culture but also leaving your family overseas. The Senior Auction is now over - hooray, and was a success - hooray! We all worked hard and God has provided money for the big trip in May. Oliver and I are chaperones along with our principal. Thankfully we have Nana coming to play with Thomas for the week. This weekend is the big ICSB basketball tournament. Oliver is helping with the books. The students are so excited - it really is the highlight for most people of the year. The students dress like wild bulldogs (thats our mascot) and spend really 24-7 together. Families come, even alumni if they are here. It should be very fun. Thomas loves bball so we'll make it to some games long as he isn't sleeping of course. God continues to provide for us over here in Hungary. We are now only $1100 short per month. We are coming back to the states this summer to continue raising support for the next year. We'll be in WA in June and AL in July. Thank you all for your prayers and love.