Sunday, September 21, 2008

Date Night :)

Oliver and I took a date night as a "last hooray" before the little one is born (just two more weeks or so now !). We went to my favorite restaurant - Spoon - right on the water. So romantic :)
School is going well for Oliver. Finally all the computers are up and running so he can use some Rosetta Stone for Spanish. This year he is well organized with the history classes so he is able to use much of the curriculum from last year. They just went on the staff retreat and worked a bunch of the final ACSI certification - a lot of fun, But it'll be good to have that all done hopefully soon. He has been working really hard at school so that after soccer he can come home to his prego wife (around 7pm). The soccer team has another game this week in Vienna. Robin hurt his ankle though and apparently now his knee - poor kid. You can be praying for him. His parents came over last week which was so fun with his little 2 year old niece who is adorable! They gave us what they call "moon pies" and it was delicious!!! I ate one and wanted to try another...till I found out one of the main ingredients are duck it makes me nauseous to think of after Thomas I will eat them up. I know they are good for me, but... :) Other than that life has gotten into a routine. Oliver goes to work, Robin to school and then both to soccer and I walk, fix up the house (mom comes next week!), pay bills, visit with people, etc. It's wonderful to be pregnant in Hungary because people are often stopping me on the road to chat about when I am due, how I am feeling, and if it's a boy or girl (its so good for my Hungarian too). The old women (called Nanis - sp?) especially love to chat about it. That is yet another part of the Hungarian culture that I love, the emphasis on family and the interest in your kids. We are off now. Both Oliver and I are going to school - Oliver to work and I to help one of the new teachers with some curriculum stuff. Thanks again for your prayers as we await the babe.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthdays :)

**The photo is a picture of two of the senior girls from the Bible study - one turning 17 and one 18 ** Thank you for praying for these ladies since they were in 8th grade. I still cannot believe that they are all seniors this year. They are all filling out applications and doing the college search, trying to wrap their minds around leaving (without getting senior-itous)- not just the school, but the culture and their families to go back to the states to live in just a year. It is so fun to hear from them in their journeys. We meet once a week and I love these times.
Other than that...Oliver had a soccer game Staff vs. Students this week. He, of course, loved playing and they (meaning the staff) won 1-0. He was stoked :) We also had our ICSB staff retreat this weekend which was fun. It was different not being in the meetings, but it was a wonderful time to visit and hear from other moms/wives. We actually ended up leaving a few hours early b/c I was experiencing some contractions, pretty sure it's braxton hicks but we're going to the doctor tomorrow AM just to check in and make sure. I am definitely a first time mom not having a clue what is going on...but so thankful for the ride to meet Baby! :)
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here we are

Just one more month, still due October 5th :) Oliver and I put together...ok, mostly Oliver, the pack n' play where Baby Thomas will sleep for at least a while! We went to the doctor and he said everything was on schedule. You wanted a pic and you got it. Oliver is off to soccer and the 12th grade ladies are coming over for Bible study so I gotta make this one short. Thanks for all your prayers.
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