Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick update

Yes, this is our first full week back to school. Oliver did well in his Spanish class as they learned the alphabet and are now doing family trees. He is so cute and actually wants Pam's ideas for silly games to play in order to learn the language! He is even having them do motions for words, can you believe it? Robyn moves in today. We feel bad cause he was supposed to bring a bed, but he only brought a very thin mattress to sleep on. It's like we have a homeless guy living on our floor downstairs. Our landlord came over and told us of a bed sale going on so maybe he'll have one soon :) Baby Thomas is doing well, moving a lot and getting bigger! Pam has a hospital tour and appointment tomorrow to get everything ready for the big day in October. She is going on her own and honestly at this point doesn't have much of a memory for things which should make this meeting real interesting :) The house is coming along, slowly but we are almost out of boxes. Yesterday some of our pipes broke but thankfully our landlords came over for the afternoon to fix them, so Oliver went to work and Pam to the movies :) Oliver is painting the baby room blue and green to match some of his stuff so it's fun to watch him do that. The other day he dropped a bunch of paint and cleaned it up all by himself (while promising Pam that it did not spill on the baby's new sheets :). We sure are missing family right now, but are thankful to be back in Hungary and in routine again. Thanks for your prayers. We'll keep you posted as we wait for the birth of Thomas.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Great Month!

Off to Hungary again!
Some highlights of our weeks in the states...
1. Got to go with BOTH families on vacations - we had a wonderful time at the lake and in Chicago (got to go on the road trip from AL to IL). We even got to meet one of adorable nieces for the first time - so fun!
2. American food :) We looked and looked for a maple donut for Pam while here, finally her parents found it after a 2 hour search!!! It never tasted so good! What is up with these people in the mid-east and south not having these delicious American treats?!
3. Met with supporters in the South and were able to catch up with some. We're sorry to the many we were not able to see while here this time around. Lord-willing we'll catch up the next time :)

Coming up...
1. School Orientation (yes! Pam is in charge of "team building" games again:) and school starting. Please pray for Oliver as he continues to teach history and ELL plus picks up Spanish and PE
2. Pam transitioning to "home life". She will be doing odd jobs for ICSB until October but not teaching. She is looking forward to unpacking from the move and of course putting the baby room together.
3. Robyn moving into our home at the end of August :) Pray for the transition as we welcome into our home this senior boy/man :)
4. Baby due in 10-11 weeks - yeah! (of course pray for the labor and delivery!!!)
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