Saturday, January 24, 2009


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It has been a fun month! Here are some highlights...

1. Of course, Thomas is first with grabbing one of his toys so hard that it actually turned on!

2. Uncle Nathan came to visit!

3. We are in charge of the Senior Auction this year and its on the 31st - PLEASE PRAY! We still have a ton to do and little time to do it...

4. Oliver's working hard on his unit plans for ACSI certification come March. PLEASE PRAY for him to get those completed soon!

5. Senior girls Bible study continues - PLEASE PRAY for us as we finish this semester. I've been with them since 8th grade year and its bittersweet to see them go. They are ready, but I'll miss them! Our last study is on relationship and life outside of Hungary.

6. Oliver's bday and the fun mini-party we had for him with some close friends. What a guy, we are so thankful for our friends here.

Thanks for all your prayers and emails lately. Its so nice to hear from you all, especially in these dreary winter months.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home again

We are back in Budapest now. Schools started and all is underway. Our big fundraising auction is at the end of this month that we are in charge of with the seniors so we had to hit the floor running! But Thomas did too as we got home he lifted his head up 90 degrees for the first time doing tummy time :) We're so proud. It was a quick trip to the states and we miss ya'll a lot. Gotta run, Thomas duty calls :)
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