Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are family! :)

Growing babies
Oliver got bit by a dog - stitches - yuck! poor guy

Grammy and the twins

new friends this year - meet to pray and to have fun! :)

Thomas and his snowman

This month a variety of things have happened...
1. Grammy came! My mom's mom came to visit - held babies, played with babies, ironed, cleaned - she has been so fun to have here and so very helpful!!!!
2. Marie's first basketball tournament - they won all three games - yeah Marie!!!
3. Marie's Senior Auction - she worked hard and made lots of money
4. Our friends are back and we're thrilled for the Olsens that have returned :)
5. Oliver got bit as you see above - we had to run to the hospital in the middle of the night - what an experience.
Thank you all for your prayers. Sorry this is a short one but I gotta run after a kid :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland...or something like that...

Oliver loved playing bball with the alumni and current students over the break.
Grandpa Rick came to help out too!

Samantha came and helped for a week! (yes, her mom came too!)

The kids on Christmas!

Santa Dad and the kids!
December and now January have brought more sleep, more time together and more work! Oliver was very busy in December with school - with reviewing for finals, finals, grading and then doing support work at home. We were able to go to our staff Christmas party (bringing along the twins!) and even went out on a few date nights in the last few months! Its been great to see the alumni coming back and spending some time with them over the Christmas break. We're so thankful the ICSB alumni make a difference around the world when they are done...for better or worse...but its always great to hear/talk with them after they are out in the "real" world. Please continue to pray for them. One of our students died this past month and it reminds us of the importance of time. We loved him dearly and I know his family would appreciate your prayers. I held my kids close after hearing this.

The twins are growing like weeds - Rebi is slowly getting bigger but Charlie has just gotten bigger and bigger! Their personalities are starting to form - Rebi very social and Charlie much more like his father, enjoying the people but getting much more sleep/rejuvanted from being alone. Thomas continues to amaze us with his funny things he does and things he's learning. Right now he loves to dance, laugh and play with his new slinky. We all enjoyed the snow and tried to find a Santa to take photos with but apparently he "leaves" Budapest to the North pole on the 21st so we missed him, SO daddy got to "sit" in as Santa instead :).

We've been praying for direction and help at home while Oliver is gone at school and other thigns. God is answering our prayers little by little. There have been MANY of days where I ask the Lord, really beg the Lord, for somebody to stop by to hold a child, play with Thomas, etc and honestly He has sent somebody to help every time. AMAZING. We are very thankful for your prayers while our family has adjusted to our immediate growth with two more.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and will enjoy this great new year. Wow, I can't believe its 2010!