Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lets get it started! :)

Here are some photos but I need to upload more from this summer and fall - i'll try to post more often, but we'll see with the babies coming!!! :) Thomas moving fast - yes, MUCH faster than his mother! Luckily Marie (the high school girl who is living with us as her parents plant churches in Scotland) can keep up :)
We visited Lake Balaton this summer to see some of our students who do "FEK", an evangelism camp for Hungarians. Thomas and Dad loved swimming in the lake.

We can't believe it. Here are a few updates...
1. ICSB has started school. Oliver is teaching, well, you name it....history for 10th and 11th, beginners English 1 and 2, PE for high school, and Spanish 1. He is enjoying being with the students again even though its a bit crazy! :) He is also coaching Soccer for ICSB which is so fun. Their first tournament is this weekend, so we'll see how it goes!!!

2. Marie has moved in and is livin' it up as a senior!!! She is a HUGE blessing to us as Thomas adores her and she helps Pam out a lot!!! Pray for her as she looks into schools, etc for next year.

3. Thomas took his first steps and now has 6 teeth. He's growing like a weed! He loves to clap as we play patty cake and is enjoying watching wheels - he even bends over in the stroller to see the wheels turn. He will be one years old next month - WOW time flies!!!

4. TWINS are on their way...ok, not literally, but I keep hearing from the doctor "wow, these guys are big!", which I take as a good sign :) They are due in 6.5 weeks, but we'll see when they come. Please pray it'll be later than October 17th so that they'll be "full term".

5. The new students seem to be adjusting well. Please continue to pray for the school's spiritual life and acceptance of the many cultures represented.
6. We are way down in support and would ask that you pray for us as we continue to seek the Lord's will in asking people to join/recommit to giving financially.
I'll update soon - yes I will!!! lots of love.