Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lots of spring fun :)

The end of Feb playing with dad and Robin
"Take the photo mom!"

a sideways photo of the twins 12 weeks old
Yes, the sun is finally out. We've been busy and yet I couldn't really tell you all we've been doing. I guess thats the life of a mom. Some highlights...

1. YES if you haven't heard we are pregnant again and having twins. We are so excited, shocked, but feel so blessed. Please pray for us and especially the health of the babies. We pray they go to full term as we don't want any complications.

2. Robin moved out :( Yes its true for the month of May Robin will not be living here anymore. His parents moved closer to school so his mom wanted him home of course for his last month before the move to LA where he'll go to school at Biola. We miss you Robin!

3. Thomas is now sitting up and doing the "worm" on the floor. Its hilarious to watch.

4. The seniors have just one more month left. Please pray for us as we help with graduation planning and senior trip (Oliver gets to go but b/c of Thomas and the twins I get to stay back in Budapest- they are going to Cyprus too!).

5. Please pray for closure at the end of this school year. ICSB is full of people coming and going and this year seems to be a lot of going. I've been with the senior ladies doing bible study since 8th grade so I pray that they transition well into their "next life". Also pray for the families as they pack up to go with their children to the next place the Lord has called them.

Summer plans!
Our plans have changed now that the Lord has blessed us with another baby, I mean babies. I am not allowed to fly at all and technically we are a "high risk" pregnancy. So we'll be here all summer long. Feel free to call us (we're 7 hour difference (ahead) from AL and 9 from WA/CA). Let me know if you need our Vonage number. We'll miss seeing you this summer but you are all welcome to come visit here :). Oliver will be helping at the school and I'll be getting ready for babies along with some odd jobs here and there for ICSB along with still meeting with some girls for discipleship.

Thanks for your prayers and encouraging emails lately. Its been so uplifting for us.