Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

The boys playing the Annual ICSB Thanksgiving football!

Not quite for Hungary they already had their "thanksgiving", but for us Americans we were able to enjoy a feast together to celebrate our heritage. We had some parents invite us over to gather for turkey, potatoes and pumpkin pie (the pumpkin of course sent from US). It's funny, in order to get the turkey, they have a guy from church take orders, then on a random night a man in a truck meets us at the school to hand out the turkeys. Different, but hey, we get turkey and that is wonderful! This is also our anniversary weekend, so we celebrate watching Alabama and Auburn playing (on a friend's tv, they are having anyone basically from the South over). But seriously though, tonight we are celebrating with Iguanas (our favorite, and the only, Mexican place in Budapest), watching our wedding DVD (Oliver can't wait for that one:), and eating our frozen wedding cake, compliments to Mom and David and Cosette. Oliver's bible study is going well with the 4 boys from high school and Pam's morning Bible study with the junior girls is also going very well. Please continue to pray for those times. We are also heading to the states for 2 weeks in about a month or so. It'll be the first Honsowetz Christmas celebrated together on the day of Christmas in 7 years so we are very excited. We will also be at Bibb's wedding (Oliver's cousin) for New Year's Eve. God is amazing to provide opportunities for us to continue relationships in the states. Thanks for your prayers!
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Public in Hungary

(Photo: Samantha, David and Norah - on her first public ride)Today we went into town on public (we admit only to please the girls and after taking cars some of the way). Hungarian public has not always been, well, lets just say the most up to date. Our tram system has been around since 1887 but we are now getting our 4th metro line. Public is a great way to get around the city, especially once you are in Budapest (there is one bus you can take from Diosd to Budapest, talk to Rick about how to get onto it at the Diosd MOL station if you get a chance, funny story). It is also a great way to get to know the culture. The trams/buses and metros are often quiet (not as much with the youngsters of today but with our generation and older) because of the Communist era where a person just did not want to say too much in public. We'd love to have you come and ride public with us someday, its usually a fun adventure.
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Celebration trip

We appreciate all the celebrating the Hungarians do and we embrace this part of the culture with ease! Last weekend we had a four day weekend celebrating the 1956 revolution (as spoken of in the last entry) so Oliver and Pam took a fun trip to Croatia in celebration of their 1st year anniversary (which is in three weeks) and Pams bday. It was a wonderful time together to relax, look at the beautiful scenery, walk along the Great Persecutor's Diocletian's castle wall from the Roman Empire times and to observe the Croate culture. Their war of course is more resent than Hungary's and even on the way down we saw bullet holes in buildings and were able to read on the devastation that occured in the 90s. All in all it was a beautiful trip and a great time to add to the excitement you'll see on our Picasa site we did experience a variety of weather from sunny to cloudy to high winds to rains and even snow!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


October 15th is a special day...Mary Martha's birthday...Mikhail Gorbackev receives the Nobel Peace Prize...Duchess of York was born...Figi became a republic...Pam was born. :) Oliver took Pam to a new find in Hungary. A small town called Martonvasar. This was a beautiful town with a great park with a small pond. It had a beautiful small castle that is now a tiny museum in honor of Beethoven, who loved to come to the small town of Martonvasar. We also have a four day holiday coming up to remember the people of the 1956 revolution here in Hungary. This revolution against Russia may have only lasted around a week, but the Hungarians stood by one another to fight against the Russian communist regime during a dark time. It is a sense of national pride and an event that should be remembered.
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Field Trip!

Yes, we dared to take both 8th and 12th grade on a field trip to the Roman Ruins just outside of Budapest at the Aquincum ( It was a riot of a day, but even through public troubles we had fun...and maybe even learned a thing or two. 8th grade is Pam's class, that is she has been with them for 2.5 years and has been their chaperone on all the big events. This class is full of culture with students from Hungary, Romania, Korea, China, America and Iran. This photo is overlooking parlament during the field trip. Aren't they adorable...or as they want me to say, cool?!? :)
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

BIG Weekend

YES! We did it and THANK YOU for your prayers. We really could feel the Spirit's guidance, faithfulness and provision this past weekend.
Middle School Missions Trip: Big smiles, helpful hands and serving hearts came out of the middle school students...of course so did sillyness of trying on random gypsy clothes while supposedly sorting them (photo), accidently having one 8th grader fall in the gypsy toilet (I admit, i did laugh for a long while on this one) and the missionary who works with the Roma (gypsies) burn his hand on the lawn mower. But really the missions trip went without too much pain. We were able to put on 3 programs for the gypsy kids. It was amazing to see our 8th grade students put on skits of God's love and His Great story of saving grace. Our theme this year for the gypsy kids program was the Wordless Book (sharing the Gospel message using colors). The kids with the help of our students made bracelets, bookmarks, played games with tarps, played lots of soccer, and most importantly heard and saw the love of Jesus' hope, hearing of His saving life, death and resurrection. The students also helped the gypsies by cleaning houses, doing yard work, maintaining a soccer field, organizing and cleaning the newer gypsy community center and of course by building relationship with them. It was amazing to see our 12 and 13 year olds, boys and girls, running around, playing, holding hands and skipping with the many Roma children. This was a big answer to prayer. Please continue to pray for the gypsy ministry here in Hungary.
High School Retreat: First, yes, the rumor is true. After the past 2 years of trying, the senior boys did finally get Oliver into the pond. It took 8 of them to do it, but when push came to shove, he and 3 other boys were soaked. High school retreat is a time for the students to take a deeper look at their own spiritual lives along with the community of believers that they go to school with day in and day out. Last year one of Pam's students, Aniko, now one of Oliver's students, accepted Christ. It was so fun to visit with her as she visits with other students of how He has changed her in the past year. This year's retreat was over Micah 6:8, the students were reminded of God's calling to them to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God. This of course is a life lesson for all of us. It was held at the local Bible college. Oliver lived with the boys of HS and was able to visit with on how their lives are now and how they and Jesus want their lives to be. We really do praise God for a great and unique time to bond as a whole student body in high school.
Thank you again for your prayers this weekend. God is working in Hungary and it is evident that He is using students at ICSB to affect the people of Hungary and when these students graduate or leave us, truly the Lord uses them to affect the world.
**I will put photos up soon of the retreat and missions trip. Because we did not want things to be taken, we only had one friend of ours be the photographer and our friend will give us the photos soon**
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School's Starts

Yes, this is a photo of a Hungarian golf picks up all the balls we hit at the local golfing range. Seriously, we love it! So far, soccer has lost one and tied one, but Oliver continues to build good relationships with the boys that are playing. We are planning for the High school retreat and for the Middle School Missions Trip. Please pray!!! We also have new photos up, I know finally! They are of family and some students in a middle school study hall. Kymber Jennings is visiting and we have enjoyed Pam's brother visiting as well. Hungary is good, not too hot, not too cold. We are still in our apartment and enjoying the view of the dog castle (we live on Kutyavari which means "dog castle", what is a dog castle...who really knows...). Pam's 11th grade Bible study started last week and went well. They came over for some homemade pizza and we were able to visit about how God is at work and just where the girls are at. Oliver is also starting a new High school men's Bible study. Please pray as this starts up. We have been watching students as parents fly and go places. Its been good for us to be "mom and dad" but its also good to be home now. Praise God for you all and thank you for your faithfulness and love to us.
Happy September!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First day of School

Yes, today was our first day of the new school year. We will try and get some photos up soon. All went pretty smooth, that is besides the fact that high school were almost without desks and then the desks that were delivered was from a Hungarian company, whose logo was printed on stickers on the desk marked A S S. Yikes! Lets just say we did not want our high school students finding out about that one!!!! SO praise God we got the stickers off and now all is well, with desks in the room and students to fill them up.
Pam is again teaching Economics 12th, Church History 9th, New Testament and Old Testament for 8th, 7th and 6th. Oliver is teaching US History 10th, Modern World 11th and ELL to high school students (English Language Learners). We are thankful to be back at ICSB again. Thank you for your continued prayers. We are watching a family this week while their parents are away at a Campus Crusade retreat. Its great for Oliver and I to be with a family of teenagers..reminds us of who we really teach.
Keep in touch!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back in Hungary

Yes, we are back at the International Christian School of Budapest again! God is good and our support is just 12% away from being fully financially supported. Praise God. Thank you for allowing us to be here in Budapest.
This week we have been with the Honsowetz family and also doing teacher orientation at school. It was great to see all of you this summer in America and to come back to family again in Hungary. It helped with the transition. Our school rooms are coming together, we have stuff on the walls (which by the way are painted!) and getting curriculum together for this next year.
While Pam's parents were here we were able to go to Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, and they were also able to drive around seeing work, softball and meeting our friends and seeing our ministry.
The theme of our learning path is "unchangeable". God is stable, wise and always with us. As we travel from country to country, from family to family, friend to friend, ministry to ministry the One that is always with us is Christ. The Holy Spirit continues to work and He speaks to us no matter the circumstance or the place, reminding us of His consistency in our lives. The story of Samuel and Israel while they are waiting for the king (eventually David) reminds us of God's Ultimate perfect constant plan. Though we at times have no idea how He is at work, the point is He is WAY ahead of us and is in control. Again and again we are reminded of the way God works in His people, changing us, but never having to change Himself, the Perfect. Praise God for this as we move, go and do. No matter what He is constantly with us and here.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Together again

Yes, it was wonderful! The "crew", Oliver's great friends from high school came together again. It was great to see everyone and their families (pictured beside are 5 of the 8).
We are off to Budapest tomorrow. We leave from Atlanta and get into Budapest Monday, so in case you do not hear from us for a few days we wanted you to be updated! Thank you all for visiting with us so much. We will miss you. School starts on the 20th of August, so lots of preparation and things to do. We leave Alabama feeling excited about this year to come, and overwhelmed with blessings by our great team that helps us get to Hungary and do our ministry there. Hope to see you all soon.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One more week

Yes just one more week till we leave for Budapest, Hungary. We are looking forward to being back at home again. It has been a good time to reconnect with family and friends. Praise God for our supporters, gracious and giving. We need just 20% more and we are fully funded (about $1000 a month). We continue to pray for guidance. Oliver enjoyed being at the farm, shooting, fishing and soaking up the Alabama sun. Pamela enjoyed English again, shopping and of course we both enjoyed seeing people and catching up. School starts August 22nd. You can check it out at to see the sports coming up and such. Oliver starts soccer season just a week after we get back, while Pamela busily prepares the classroom and reconnects with the softball ladies. Though it has been wonderful to live in America again, it is also a reminder of God's calling on us for Hungary and our students. Thank you for your continued prayer and love.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer update

Now in Alabama! This is a student who has now moved back to Florida, quite a character, we'll miss him! We have updated photos on our photo site (see the site list on this site) so if you have time give it a look, some of Oliver's first "long" camping trip with the Honsowetz clan :) We loved being in Washington, visiting family and seeing friends (plus seeing Pam's niece Elayna). In Alabama we are catching up with people and are thankful to stay at the McLemore home. Support raising is going fine, praise God. Continue to pray for the rest of the 25% financially that is needed for us to get to Hungary by the 5th of August. ICSB is in transition this summer with continuing to move into the new building, yeah! New teacher orientation begins the second week of August and then school the end of August. Some students are emailing and are doing well, telling funny stories of boredom in summer...:) We really love seeing you all and appreciate your prayers and support.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Week with GEM in Colorado


In June we spent one week with these 15 other people heading over to Europe through Greater Europe Mission. We were able to find out a lot of information on GEM and were all appointed to begin different missions in Europe though GEM. Obviously, Oliver and I were appointed to go back to Budapest and teach at ICSB. Continue to pray for missionaries traveling and raising support and the hearts of those they will teach of Jesus' love and grace. Thanks for all your prayers.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Back in the USA

Just a quick update...
School is done for the year! Graduation was wonderful, we had students graduating from 6 different countries this year. It was fun to see all the flags and to hear the places the students are going.
Flew out day after graduation to GEM conference and got appointed as long term missionaries with them! Have/Are sending out information on GEM and our years to come in Hungary. Be looking for a letter with updates on what God is doing in Hungary. We are thankful to be with an organized and smaller mission.
After Colorado/GEM we headed to Washington...its good to be in good ol' Moses Lake again. Got to see Jaime and Tyler Green (Pam's great friends) at the Mariner's game that the Honsowetz's went to last night. We also were able to re-connect with people at the church here in ML and meet with some friends and support folk in WA.
Coming week Oliver is going to cady for Nathan (Pam's brother) for the annual amatuer golf tournament...Pam is going to work on wedding thank yous (yes, finally!). The Cheneys (Pam's sister's family) are coming up in a week for the Honsowetz reunion and then on the 6th of July we head down to Alabama.
Thank you for all your prayer and support! May God continue to bless you!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Field Trip Days!!!

MAY MEANS FIELD DAYS!!! Look at our website at picasa to see our family field day, our field trips and our Arts Festival here at ICSB. This photo is of some of my 6th grade students at ICSB. We went to the Budapest Jewish Synagogue, which is the largest in Europe, second in the world only to New York. It was a very fun day learning all about the Jewish culture here in Budapest.
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

April 14th

It's Spring...
That means lots of softball, lots of student activities, lots of visitors and lots of fun :)
So far...
Mom Patty, John & Sarah Margerat, and Mom Sadler have all come to visit us here in Hungary. We really enjoyed our times together. We had about a month and a half with visitors in and out. We loved having our family and friends here to see, talk with and show them around Budapest and our lives!
Softball is now in full swing. We have our first game next week. We also had a big camp about 3 weeks ago, where we got around 100 people to come out and learn the game of baseball/softball. The ages ranged from 7-40. Of course we had Hungarians stopping to see what this game was all about. It was a lot of fun. If you want to check the posting of our games, etc you can look at the Hungarian website
Language classes also started for Oliver and I as two of our softball girls decided it was time for us to learn "true" Hungarian. We have had 2 lessons so far...we know the alphabet (which is 45 letters...kinda) and how to get food. Its fun to learn how you are actually supposed to say things, instead of our broken, street language that gets us through this land. Please pray for us as we build relationship with Esther and Ica that we may spread Jesus' saving grace to them.
Students are all around! Pam has a field trip on Monday, Oliver is busy with the ELL program and trying to get a TOEFEL Program started here. We are both doing Bible studies/discipleship. Continue to pray for Esther as she is due this July! We had a shower last night and it went very well. Praise God!
thank you for your continued prayers as we are here in Hungary. We ARE planning a trip for 2 months back this summer. Our traveling plans include Colorado for training, Washington (end of June) and Alabama (middle of July). Please let us know if you can get together, we'd love to see you! We're moving to Greater Europe Mission to continue here in Hungary long term. Our account information is sent to

Greater Europe Mission
18950 Base Camp Road
Re: Pamela McLemore
Monument, CO 80132-8009 USA

Thank you for all your prayers and support of us! You can also contact us at our email address:

Monday, March 5, 2007

Basketball Tournament

This past weekend we had our annual basketball tournament! It was the first time we had it in our own gym - yeah!
Oliver coached the boys to a 2nd place win and the women came in 1st. We had teams from all over...Ukraine, Vienna, Romania, Embassy School in Budapest, Salzburg...tons of games, tons of fun...and tons of work. At our school the students get really into it...look at this Utube video of a cheer they do during half time....
Also you can check out our sister Whittington's blog to see more photos (just click on the photos about Vienna and they are underneath on her Picasa Website) at
Thanks for all your continued prayers and support.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Softball begins soon...

We were thrilled to see Eszter and Ica at the wedding Reception. They are some of the women that Pamela plays softball with here in Hungary. We have a big softball camp coming up in March, on the 16th, 17th and 18th. Please be praying for people to help, women to come and for Christ's great love and faithfulness to shine as we begin this new softball season.
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Budapest Reception

Thank you to all the kind friends and family for a great party in Budapest. We were able to even have CHEESECAKES which is a rarity for Hungary, thanks to one of our students, Joel Winget, YUMMY sandwiches from our favorite Sandwich Guru here in Hungary, Great desserts, beautiful decorations and even a Hungarian Wedding Cake with our cake toppers from our wedding! We had a WONDERFUL time showing our photos to our friends here. Hope you enjoy the photos. You can see them on our other website at
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Some fun memories

The Hungary take out the trash day...with you and Oliver being the "Coaches of the Year!" WE miss you!
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Monday, February 5, 2007

School Days

Yes, that old song "school days, school days, here the golden rule days" are in my head as I sit here during my 6th grade boys study hall. It is one of my boys last days. Boys handling emotions are weird enough, let alone throw in 8 boys at around the age of 12. They just don't know what to do, so now they are playing football with small pieces of paper. (No, not usual for one of my study halls, but just for the last 10 minutes of Balasz' last day here I don't mind). Crazy.
Things in Hungary are going well. Oliver is still very busy coaching the high school varsity basketball team. We are still getting into routine back here in Hungary with school and adjusting to being married. But we love it and are so happy. I am just getting my schedule down, with having a student teacher from the states this year, to doing a Bible study with 10th grade girls, to meeting with one student on Thursdays to talk about 'life'. This week is Spiritual Emphasis week, where we take one class period and have a "chapel" to focus on the Jesus Development within the students. Pray. You never know what will happen with middle school students :)
We miss you all dearly and appreciate all your prayers.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First 2 weeks of school..

It has been a blessing to be back again in Budapest at ICSB. The students gave us warm welcomes and were very excited to call Miss Honsowetz...Mrs McLemore now! :) Our classes were greatly taken care of which we are thankful for, but the students for once seemed to be happy to see us. Pamela is still teaching her subjects of Christian Studies 6th-9th grade and World Problems with the 12th grade. Oliver is continueing to teach 10th and 11th grade History and running the high school English Language Learner program. We are quite tired now but very happy to be back. Oliver had his first basketball game (he coaches the HS varsity team), which they lost...but made a large come-back in the end, just not large enough. Bummer. Pamela already has had a meeting about softball this next season, and Lord willing, there are a group of girls playing American University softball that want to come over and teach our girls for a few weeks - yes! Pamela is now sick with a fever and headcold, but other than that things are going very well. Thank you for your continued prayer and patience with us as we adjust/transitioning not only into married life but also into the Hungarian culture again. We will have a newsletter out by the end of this month! :)
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Oliver's 25th Birthday!!!!

Oliver celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday, the 5th of January! We had many celebrations with friends and family. In the picture you see him with the gift from Pam of a pocket watch. He also received many fun presents from our families to make it a very special day. Thank you!!! We were also able to go and see Van Gogh at the art museum in downtown Budapest. It was so fun to have Whittington and the Whites over to celebrate the night of Uncle Ollie's (as Samantha calls him) birthday. All of the Honsowetz side also celebrated Baby Elayna's birthday. You can check our the picasa/google website for our special song (the website is listed below).
We are doing well. Pamela is now at work trying to get things put together for school starting Monday and Oliver is out with one of his high school students, Robert. Robert and Oliver get together about once every two weeks or so to chat about Robert's life. He is a missionary kid in 12th grade this year. He is also in Pam's World Problems/Economics class. He is just so fun and we count it a blessing to have him in Oliver's life. Pray for Oliver as they meet that God will give him wisdom and strength as he meets with and builds relationship more with Robert. Pray for Robert as he is trying to figure out what to do when he is done here at ICSB. Many of our students go back to the states, but do not necessarily feel "at home" even though their citizenship is in the states. They have lived overseas so long they feel "home" truly is where the heart is, since no place necessarily feels "right like home". What a great blessing to work with these students and to learn more and more of how God is creative and loving. Thanks for you prayers and connection with us.
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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Rick and Patty (Pam's parents)!

They planned the wedding reception of our dreams!!!

Oliver's (now Pams too:) family at the wedding

Wedding Reception

Our wedding party!!!

Our wedding party was great! We are so thankful for the many friends and family that came out on November 25th to good ol' Moses Lake. We miss you terribly now but we are thankful for the memories that we will cherish!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wedding website photos...

Check out our wedding photos at...

New Photo Site!

check out our new photos and "life" at...

Alabama Reception

Traveling the world in 40 days...the Alabama reception was BEAUTIFUL and fun! It was great for Pamela to meet again all the Alabama folk and for Oliver to see everyone again. It was a great celebration put on by Oliver's parents Tom and Sadler. Pam's parents were there and everything! What a great time for us all! You can look at the pictures of the reception at the above website. Thanks for such a great time in the states. You are so generous and kind to us.
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