Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its Spring - yeah!

My sister sent me this...its old photos of my dad. Its hilarious and maybe looks a little like our youngest...

Like Father like son


Rebi Anne

Sweet babies enjoying the ball game ;)

We were able to go to an Hungarian baseball game to watch...

so fun to watch the game and our friend took these photos. Its the same type of league that I use to coach softball in here. They re getting better, its great to watch. The kids are growing like weeds. Rebs and Charlie are moving around...not crawling but longing to as they watch their brother :) Thomas is running like mad. Its good excercise for me to keep up with him! We're still planning on moving in 6 weeks now. Oliver and I are packing up stuff this weekend - so weird. Then we have a garage sale the week after that. Its just a reminder that the things on this earth are temporary...can't wait though to eat a good ol' American hamburger! Its been too long :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yes, Finally another one!!!

Mama and her babies in front of Hero's Square
Thomas in front of St. Istvan - beautiful!
Mama and her little girl downtown Budapest Coffee Shop

Thomas forcing food in - so tired!
Smiley Babies :)

Hello Everyone :) I know its been a while but life has been changing for us but I'll catch you up...

We have decided after moving here to teach, meeting here, marrying and having children all in Budapest...we are going to move back to the states. Both Oliver and I are at peace but I admit that I am anxious, nervous and a bit overwhelmed by picking up and moving our family to a place we've never lived together. But Praise God He is always with us and that He has in all in control. We love ICSB and have absolutely loved being missionaries as teachers in Budapest. The Lord has really blessed us with great friends, opportunities and adventures here....and now we are off to the unknown in the US. Yet, I am excited to live nearer to family and to friends. I am thankful for a new place and for a new adventure. Thank you all for your love and prayers. We continue to ask for help via prayer and finances as we move back.