Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Time :)

Pam with Bethany, one of the discipleship girls - she's from America but is an MK from Poland and Hungary. She'll be Student Body president next year :) This is at the Jr/Sr Banquet that we were chaperones of at the end of May.
Dad with Thomas enjoying the summer time in our pool :)

Edit (with her little 6 month old) invited Trisha and I to dinner to learn how to make Csirke Paprikas - so fun!

The finished project :)
The guys with the kids came over and we all enjoyed this meal together!

Its hot hot hot here in July and we're enjoying the shade of our house :) So far we have been visited by Oliver' mom which was great and have been enjoying being with different people that are here for the summer - for fellowship, meetings for next school year, dinners, playdates and discipleship. Many of our students are doing mission trips around the globe (from China to Korea to Hungary to America!) and some are helping their parents with English camps, support raising and other things like that in ministry which is very neat to see/hear about. Thomas is now crawling fast and it is so fun to watch him grow and grow! The twins are moving more and more and my tummy is getting bigger and bigger - although I want to complain really I praise God for it. The kids are healthy and growing. Oliver is working at home and school which is great for me b/c he can spend more time with us getting ready for the twins and for Marie too (Marie is a senior next year, an MK whose parents are church planting in Edinburough, Scotland and she will be staying with us and attending ICSB). Thank you for your continued prayers and support.