Saturday, April 14, 2007

April 14th

It's Spring...
That means lots of softball, lots of student activities, lots of visitors and lots of fun :)
So far...
Mom Patty, John & Sarah Margerat, and Mom Sadler have all come to visit us here in Hungary. We really enjoyed our times together. We had about a month and a half with visitors in and out. We loved having our family and friends here to see, talk with and show them around Budapest and our lives!
Softball is now in full swing. We have our first game next week. We also had a big camp about 3 weeks ago, where we got around 100 people to come out and learn the game of baseball/softball. The ages ranged from 7-40. Of course we had Hungarians stopping to see what this game was all about. It was a lot of fun. If you want to check the posting of our games, etc you can look at the Hungarian website
Language classes also started for Oliver and I as two of our softball girls decided it was time for us to learn "true" Hungarian. We have had 2 lessons so far...we know the alphabet (which is 45 letters...kinda) and how to get food. Its fun to learn how you are actually supposed to say things, instead of our broken, street language that gets us through this land. Please pray for us as we build relationship with Esther and Ica that we may spread Jesus' saving grace to them.
Students are all around! Pam has a field trip on Monday, Oliver is busy with the ELL program and trying to get a TOEFEL Program started here. We are both doing Bible studies/discipleship. Continue to pray for Esther as she is due this July! We had a shower last night and it went very well. Praise God!
thank you for your continued prayers as we are here in Hungary. We ARE planning a trip for 2 months back this summer. Our traveling plans include Colorado for training, Washington (end of June) and Alabama (middle of July). Please let us know if you can get together, we'd love to see you! We're moving to Greater Europe Mission to continue here in Hungary long term. Our account information is sent to

Greater Europe Mission
18950 Base Camp Road
Re: Pamela McLemore
Monument, CO 80132-8009 USA

Thank you for all your prayers and support of us! You can also contact us at our email address: