Friday, May 30, 2008

Almost there!

The Middle School Talking Wax Museum - this is a big event that the Middle School puts on through Pam's Christian Studies class. They all choose one character of Scripture that they studied this year and "become" this person - parents, staff and students come and listen to their stories. It is so fun to watch (check out our picasa site for more photos). This year we had 52 middle school students participate.
There are only 3 more days of school left. Be praying for the students this summer and the school as we continue working towards our 10 years credentials. ICSB is growing - next year we already have 213 students enrolled.
The McLemore baby is doing well - kicking his/her mama, Oliver has been able to feel a few times. We are very thankful. Thank you for your continued prayers.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crazy May Days

I admit I hesitated putting this photo up b/c I look so darn, well, big, but why not, huh? Here we are the McLemores - Pam, Oliver and's some recent updates (there are photo updates on the picasa site)
1. We went to the doctor and all looks healthy, but the baby was not in the mood to show us boy or to be continued on that one...But we did start our prenatal classes. There are two of us Americans with people from all over Europe with all different points of view. It will be a good class for us (that is at least for me...poor Oliver will have to suffer through some of it with the Europeans, well lets just say being quite open about their pregnancies).
2. Family Field day - another time for all our students and their families to come out, play games and have picnics. Oliver did the tug of war again and well, I mostly just sat there. But it was a good day to visit with our families and friends from ICSB.
3. Field Trip - the 6th grade took a field trip with me to the synagogue. With 12 year olds you just never know what is going to happen, but just a lot of laughs and not too many embarrassments (i think pregnancy brings a more care-free attitude with these types of things...that is if I don't get too hormonal on them:)
4. Moving - yes, we have one more month here at our apartment and then we move to a house that my old landlord owns. We are so excited b/c next year we'll need it :)
5. We have a new niece, Ava! We are so thrilled for the Cheneys and can't wait to meet her :)
We really continue to love teaching, being in Hungary especially now that the sun is out and marriage. God continues to teach us to rely souly on Him and be patient. This summer we are hoping to be here and also make it to the states, but just like this year has been we have to wait and see what the Lord has in store.
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