Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One more week

Yes just one more week till we leave for Budapest, Hungary. We are looking forward to being back at home again. It has been a good time to reconnect with family and friends. Praise God for our supporters, gracious and giving. We need just 20% more and we are fully funded (about $1000 a month). We continue to pray for guidance. Oliver enjoyed being at the farm, shooting, fishing and soaking up the Alabama sun. Pamela enjoyed English again, shopping and of course we both enjoyed seeing people and catching up. School starts August 22nd. You can check it out at icsbudapest.org to see the sports coming up and such. Oliver starts soccer season just a week after we get back, while Pamela busily prepares the classroom and reconnects with the softball ladies. Though it has been wonderful to live in America again, it is also a reminder of God's calling on us for Hungary and our students. Thank you for your continued prayer and love.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer update

Now in Alabama! This is a student who has now moved back to Florida, quite a character, we'll miss him! We have updated photos on our photo site (see the site list on this site) so if you have time give it a look, some of Oliver's first "long" camping trip with the Honsowetz clan :) We loved being in Washington, visiting family and seeing friends (plus seeing Pam's niece Elayna). In Alabama we are catching up with people and are thankful to stay at the McLemore home. Support raising is going fine, praise God. Continue to pray for the rest of the 25% financially that is needed for us to get to Hungary by the 5th of August. ICSB is in transition this summer with continuing to move into the new building, yeah! New teacher orientation begins the second week of August and then school the end of August. Some students are emailing and are doing well, telling funny stories of boredom in summer...:) We really love seeing you all and appreciate your prayers and support.
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