Wednesday, March 26, 2008


  • Baby Mc said "HI"to us yesterday at the doctors...ok, not really but while we awed at him during the ultrasound he was just a waving his arms! Praise God! It is just amazing to see the little one growing. We are so thankful for our doctor. He is respecting us and we are able to build a relationship with him. He is an Hungarian doctor but speaks English and works with a lot of international pregnant families.
  • Another family member...Next year we are hoping to move to a house closer to school. With the move we are going to house an ELL student that Oliver teaches. He will be a senior next year and he speaks at least 3 languages! Robin is from China and we are so excited to have him.
  • Easter...Hilarious, Cute and so FUN, PLUS great food! We made it to church and spent the day with the Whites including David's parents. We had a fun time watching a bunch of kids find eggs and then had a Sadar feast with a ham to top it off, wonderful! Great meals make me so thankful I am pregnant because now I can have seconds! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Waitin' for the baby

Yes, I have made it to 11 weeks and have enjoyed the visitors. This is my niece Norah and I watchin' Veggie Tales. This is pretty much me all the time. Oliver is still working hard, pray for him because he has a lot on his plate with me being "gone".
(notice the Tums right behind my head :)Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An Addition to our family!!!

We can't believe it's been a month so let us update you...
1. Our biggest news....we're PREGNANT! God is blessing us with another little one, due October 5th. Though Pam was again in the hospital for 8 days this little one by God's grace fought throgh and the angels are protecting him. He is healthy and happy and growing fast. Pam is still on bedrest though till her 15th week, which is the middle of April. Now she is just 10 weeks. Thankfully Oliver's mom was gracious enough to come and help out for a week and now one of Pam's high school buddies is here for the next week. She is getting a lot of hungarian tv and relaxation...which we know she'd rather be working but ANYTHING for this baby to be healthy. This of course means Oliver has had to pick up the slack and is working hard in and out of the house. Thankfully all Pam's classes have permanent subs till she returns and God is working His will and showing us His hand throughout this journey.
2. Basketball tournament went very well. Oliver coached ICSB to a 2nd place win. We are also the junior sponsers and that means we were in charge of feeding everyone for the weekend. The teams were from 4 different countries, so we had to keep our minds open about what to serve. With Pam gone, many parents volunteered to help and it was a success.
3. Spiritual Emphasis Week: This is a time for the school to take a break from one class all week and instead go to chapel everyday. The students learned of God's perfect creation and were able to think through the way He created them.
4. Softball: our BIG weekend is coming up and since Pam is out for a while we are praying for people to help. The big softball camp is March 21, 22, 24, 25 and is a great time for the team to recruit new people and to share again the Gospel of God's love. Please pray for the team to be able to have a volunteer coach until Pam is able to join them again. Also Pam is writing the team a letter of what is going on with the baby, etc. Since Hungarians view of abortion, babies, etc is quite different than our own, please pray for them to have hearts of understanding and this to be yet another opportunity to share of God's great creation and love for us.

Thank you for your continued prayers. God is teaching us that "His grace is sufficient" and His will is best. His goodness continues always shines through all times in life.