Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodbye Hungary, Hello USA

precious graduate student whose parent couldn't make it so he acknowledged our committment to the students in the middle of graduation with a rose. words could not describe what that meant to us.

Marie trying to hold all kids...we miss her already!

our precious friends the Olsens on our last walk with our babies together. we miss them!

After 6 1/2 years we are moving back to the states. Sadness lingers when I think of leaving this country that has given us so much. I came single and now am living with the most amazing hubby and three babies. I feel overwhelmingly blessed by our experience we've had. We've made lasting friendships that I am beyond sad of leaving and I am so thankul for. We've journeyed through life together and I'm truly grateful for the times we've spent together. I'm also missing the peope of Hungary, the way they love on my children and help me out in many ways. Even the old women on the streets know us, talk to us and try to help me move the children from one place to another (which yes it is funny to watch!).

Yet this is a bittersweet time for us because now I am sitting in my parents house, visiting and enjoying seeing our family and friends in the states again. It is just precious to see everyone.

Honestly the thing that I am most sad about is not having a place to call "home" for me or my family for a while. We are lingering as we search for a job, a purpose, a new ministry. We try to get rid of expectations and just listen to what/where the Lord wants us to go. For now we are headed to live in Alabama for a variety of reasons, but mostly we want Oliver's family to know us and our children better. Many people have asked me how I'm going to survive this Southern culture change, but really no matter where we move its going to be a big change in culture.

The many people that have prayed, given financially (which we still need support till August!:) and chosen to keep/give friendships we are forever thankful.
our amazing friends in budapest dropping us off...11 bags, 5 carry ons, 1 car seat, 1 stroller....3 cars dropped us off...many tears as we left

dad met us as we had a sweet reunion - and yes all our stuff arrived!