Monday, February 26, 2007

Softball begins soon...

We were thrilled to see Eszter and Ica at the wedding Reception. They are some of the women that Pamela plays softball with here in Hungary. We have a big softball camp coming up in March, on the 16th, 17th and 18th. Please be praying for people to help, women to come and for Christ's great love and faithfulness to shine as we begin this new softball season.
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Budapest Reception

Thank you to all the kind friends and family for a great party in Budapest. We were able to even have CHEESECAKES which is a rarity for Hungary, thanks to one of our students, Joel Winget, YUMMY sandwiches from our favorite Sandwich Guru here in Hungary, Great desserts, beautiful decorations and even a Hungarian Wedding Cake with our cake toppers from our wedding! We had a WONDERFUL time showing our photos to our friends here. Hope you enjoy the photos. You can see them on our other website at
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Some fun memories

The Hungary take out the trash day...with you and Oliver being the "Coaches of the Year!" WE miss you!
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Monday, February 5, 2007

School Days

Yes, that old song "school days, school days, here the golden rule days" are in my head as I sit here during my 6th grade boys study hall. It is one of my boys last days. Boys handling emotions are weird enough, let alone throw in 8 boys at around the age of 12. They just don't know what to do, so now they are playing football with small pieces of paper. (No, not usual for one of my study halls, but just for the last 10 minutes of Balasz' last day here I don't mind). Crazy.
Things in Hungary are going well. Oliver is still very busy coaching the high school varsity basketball team. We are still getting into routine back here in Hungary with school and adjusting to being married. But we love it and are so happy. I am just getting my schedule down, with having a student teacher from the states this year, to doing a Bible study with 10th grade girls, to meeting with one student on Thursdays to talk about 'life'. This week is Spiritual Emphasis week, where we take one class period and have a "chapel" to focus on the Jesus Development within the students. Pray. You never know what will happen with middle school students :)
We miss you all dearly and appreciate all your prayers.