Monday, April 14, 2008


This is a photo of Eger, a beautiful town in Hungary. During spring break we were able to go with the Whites and visit. Actually mostly I sat in the car and looked around while everyone else walked around the town...but hey atleast our little one got to get out of the house! :) So I am finally teaching in the afternoons. I thought I was going to be able to start teaching in the mornings also, but the doctor just laughed and said basically no way. SO I am still at home in the mornings, but thankfully my sister has decided to continue subbing for me, pray for her! :) My mom came this past week, it was wonderful to see her. She brought some stuff for the baby, yeah! It is becoming more and more real. I think I felt my first "punch" in the stomach the other day while Oliver and I were playing Boci ball...already competitive at 15 weeks! But my sister says it was just gas....but i don't think so.
Anyway, Budapest is getting along just fine. Of course school is a bit crazy, especially for Oliver and with the dollar down SOOOO bad it makes life interesting, but God continues to bless us over here and encourages us this is the place for us now. Going to places like Eger makes me realize how much I do love this country.
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