Saturday, October 24, 2009

TWINKIES are here :)

hello Rebi Anne!
Thomas' 1st bday!

wrestling his dad

good morning Charlie

Welcome to the world!!!!!

Arrived on Thomas' bday - Charlie and Rebi Anne McLemore!!!! They are healthy, happy and boy can they eat! :) They were born 4 weeks early but are doing well. They have gained weight and are learning everyday more on how to be a McLemore...sleep, eat and pooh :) Thank you for your prayers, life is crazy but we are HAPPILY TIRED! Thomas seems to be doing well - it is WAY helpful with the grandmas here. we'll write more later!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lets get it started! :)

Here are some photos but I need to upload more from this summer and fall - i'll try to post more often, but we'll see with the babies coming!!! :) Thomas moving fast - yes, MUCH faster than his mother! Luckily Marie (the high school girl who is living with us as her parents plant churches in Scotland) can keep up :)
We visited Lake Balaton this summer to see some of our students who do "FEK", an evangelism camp for Hungarians. Thomas and Dad loved swimming in the lake.

We can't believe it. Here are a few updates...
1. ICSB has started school. Oliver is teaching, well, you name it....history for 10th and 11th, beginners English 1 and 2, PE for high school, and Spanish 1. He is enjoying being with the students again even though its a bit crazy! :) He is also coaching Soccer for ICSB which is so fun. Their first tournament is this weekend, so we'll see how it goes!!!

2. Marie has moved in and is livin' it up as a senior!!! She is a HUGE blessing to us as Thomas adores her and she helps Pam out a lot!!! Pray for her as she looks into schools, etc for next year.

3. Thomas took his first steps and now has 6 teeth. He's growing like a weed! He loves to clap as we play patty cake and is enjoying watching wheels - he even bends over in the stroller to see the wheels turn. He will be one years old next month - WOW time flies!!!

4. TWINS are on their way...ok, not literally, but I keep hearing from the doctor "wow, these guys are big!", which I take as a good sign :) They are due in 6.5 weeks, but we'll see when they come. Please pray it'll be later than October 17th so that they'll be "full term".

5. The new students seem to be adjusting well. Please continue to pray for the school's spiritual life and acceptance of the many cultures represented.
6. We are way down in support and would ask that you pray for us as we continue to seek the Lord's will in asking people to join/recommit to giving financially.
I'll update soon - yes I will!!! lots of love.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Time :)

Pam with Bethany, one of the discipleship girls - she's from America but is an MK from Poland and Hungary. She'll be Student Body president next year :) This is at the Jr/Sr Banquet that we were chaperones of at the end of May.
Dad with Thomas enjoying the summer time in our pool :)

Edit (with her little 6 month old) invited Trisha and I to dinner to learn how to make Csirke Paprikas - so fun!

The finished project :)
The guys with the kids came over and we all enjoyed this meal together!

Its hot hot hot here in July and we're enjoying the shade of our house :) So far we have been visited by Oliver' mom which was great and have been enjoying being with different people that are here for the summer - for fellowship, meetings for next school year, dinners, playdates and discipleship. Many of our students are doing mission trips around the globe (from China to Korea to Hungary to America!) and some are helping their parents with English camps, support raising and other things like that in ministry which is very neat to see/hear about. Thomas is now crawling fast and it is so fun to watch him grow and grow! The twins are moving more and more and my tummy is getting bigger and bigger - although I want to complain really I praise God for it. The kids are healthy and growing. Oliver is working at home and school which is great for me b/c he can spend more time with us getting ready for the twins and for Marie too (Marie is a senior next year, an MK whose parents are church planting in Edinburough, Scotland and she will be staying with us and attending ICSB). Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

End of School days

Nana came to visit to help out Pam while we worked with graduation and Oliver went on the senior trip to Cyprus (she is now 20 weeks along and its harder and harder to bend over to pick up Thomas :). It was a great time with Nana, Thomas took immediately to his grandma.
Oliver with his graduated ELL students! Robin's family was there too. Robin got HS boy of the year which is the highest honor for a male at ICSB. Way to go Robin!

This year's graduation class! We have been their sponsers for 4 years (organizing and fundraising for senior trip plus parties and Bible study) or so now and are so proud of them and all their hard work. They will be attending university literally all around the globe - from CA to Penn to Korea to Hungary to China! This year's class had 15 in it and 8 different nationalities. We'll miss you.

On the senior trip they found a Starbucks and the students were thrilled :) Oliver was chaperoning them for their 8 days of fun in Cyprus.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lots of spring fun :)

The end of Feb playing with dad and Robin
"Take the photo mom!"

a sideways photo of the twins 12 weeks old
Yes, the sun is finally out. We've been busy and yet I couldn't really tell you all we've been doing. I guess thats the life of a mom. Some highlights...

1. YES if you haven't heard we are pregnant again and having twins. We are so excited, shocked, but feel so blessed. Please pray for us and especially the health of the babies. We pray they go to full term as we don't want any complications.

2. Robin moved out :( Yes its true for the month of May Robin will not be living here anymore. His parents moved closer to school so his mom wanted him home of course for his last month before the move to LA where he'll go to school at Biola. We miss you Robin!

3. Thomas is now sitting up and doing the "worm" on the floor. Its hilarious to watch.

4. The seniors have just one more month left. Please pray for us as we help with graduation planning and senior trip (Oliver gets to go but b/c of Thomas and the twins I get to stay back in Budapest- they are going to Cyprus too!).

5. Please pray for closure at the end of this school year. ICSB is full of people coming and going and this year seems to be a lot of going. I've been with the senior ladies doing bible study since 8th grade so I pray that they transition well into their "next life". Also pray for the families as they pack up to go with their children to the next place the Lord has called them.

Summer plans!
Our plans have changed now that the Lord has blessed us with another baby, I mean babies. I am not allowed to fly at all and technically we are a "high risk" pregnancy. So we'll be here all summer long. Feel free to call us (we're 7 hour difference (ahead) from AL and 9 from WA/CA). Let me know if you need our Vonage number. We'll miss seeing you this summer but you are all welcome to come visit here :). Oliver will be helping at the school and I'll be getting ready for babies along with some odd jobs here and there for ICSB along with still meeting with some girls for discipleship.

Thanks for your prayers and encouraging emails lately. Its been so uplifting for us.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Basketball tournament

A highlight of the year is the big basketball tournament. This year Oliver took books while Thomas and I went back and forth watching the games and visiting with people. You can see him being passed around from players to friends. Our girls got 1st and our guys 3rd - yeah! We had a wonderful time and the students seem to really enjoy themselves. Its a great time for the community.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's snowed by...brief update

**This has been Thomas this month - I have to bundle him all up or else the old women really glare! :) I feel like he is the little brother in the movie The Christmas Story **
Ok, I know corny joke. But seriously the month of Feb just came and left, can't believe it. Pretty much Pam and Thomas have been indoors because of the winter that will never end and Oliver has been hard at work trying to do all the documentation for the ICSB accredidation that is coming up in a few weeks. Everything is due this next week, please pray for him to get it done :) This month Robin's parents came back, they were traveling back in China for a while. He was thrilled to see them again. He still stays here Monday - Friday and then goes home to his parents on the weekends. He loves playing with Thomas and of course Thomas just cannot get enough of him. The senior girls Bible study is going well. Because of the busy season only 3 girls have been coming, but with that its been a blessing because of the more intimate conversation we're able to have. MKs moving back to the states is a big transition - not just with culture but also leaving your family overseas. The Senior Auction is now over - hooray, and was a success - hooray! We all worked hard and God has provided money for the big trip in May. Oliver and I are chaperones along with our principal. Thankfully we have Nana coming to play with Thomas for the week. This weekend is the big ICSB basketball tournament. Oliver is helping with the books. The students are so excited - it really is the highlight for most people of the year. The students dress like wild bulldogs (thats our mascot) and spend really 24-7 together. Families come, even alumni if they are here. It should be very fun. Thomas loves bball so we'll make it to some games long as he isn't sleeping of course. God continues to provide for us over here in Hungary. We are now only $1100 short per month. We are coming back to the states this summer to continue raising support for the next year. We'll be in WA in June and AL in July. Thank you all for your prayers and love.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


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It has been a fun month! Here are some highlights...

1. Of course, Thomas is first with grabbing one of his toys so hard that it actually turned on!

2. Uncle Nathan came to visit!

3. We are in charge of the Senior Auction this year and its on the 31st - PLEASE PRAY! We still have a ton to do and little time to do it...

4. Oliver's working hard on his unit plans for ACSI certification come March. PLEASE PRAY for him to get those completed soon!

5. Senior girls Bible study continues - PLEASE PRAY for us as we finish this semester. I've been with them since 8th grade year and its bittersweet to see them go. They are ready, but I'll miss them! Our last study is on relationship and life outside of Hungary.

6. Oliver's bday and the fun mini-party we had for him with some close friends. What a guy, we are so thankful for our friends here.

Thanks for all your prayers and emails lately. Its so nice to hear from you all, especially in these dreary winter months.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home again

We are back in Budapest now. Schools started and all is underway. Our big fundraising auction is at the end of this month that we are in charge of with the seniors so we had to hit the floor running! But Thomas did too as we got home he lifted his head up 90 degrees for the first time doing tummy time :) We're so proud. It was a quick trip to the states and we miss ya'll a lot. Gotta run, Thomas duty calls :)
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