Saturday, June 13, 2009

End of School days

Nana came to visit to help out Pam while we worked with graduation and Oliver went on the senior trip to Cyprus (she is now 20 weeks along and its harder and harder to bend over to pick up Thomas :). It was a great time with Nana, Thomas took immediately to his grandma.
Oliver with his graduated ELL students! Robin's family was there too. Robin got HS boy of the year which is the highest honor for a male at ICSB. Way to go Robin!

This year's graduation class! We have been their sponsers for 4 years (organizing and fundraising for senior trip plus parties and Bible study) or so now and are so proud of them and all their hard work. They will be attending university literally all around the globe - from CA to Penn to Korea to Hungary to China! This year's class had 15 in it and 8 different nationalities. We'll miss you.

On the senior trip they found a Starbucks and the students were thrilled :) Oliver was chaperoning them for their 8 days of fun in Cyprus.