Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our first family vacation!!!

Disneyworld or Bust! Yes, we made the 8-10 hour drive to Orlando and it was well worth it. Thomas was thrilled about Mickey...and I admit I was too!!! We rode all the kids rides we could, saw parades and shows and we had such a great time as a family plus did it at a min. cost. All three babies did really well with the crowds, lines, etc. I think there were enough distractions to keep them occupied. Going on vacation really reminded me how much I am blessed. I really enjoy each member of my family - my cute kids, my amazing husband. Nana came with us too, but had to leave to be with my sister as her baby came early - welcome Addi!!!

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Jen Jacobs said...

You made it to Disneyworld? Lucky family. Micky must have been a big hit too. He is in our world with Jack. I am thrilled to see you got a vacation in sunnyland. Miss you.